We're unable to take further bookings for the Artist-in-Residence program in our current schedule. However, contact us to explore alternatives and options.

Christine and Regina have travelled around the cities, regional and capital, wherever work has been requested.

Because Christine can work with a wide range of materials and has a network of people to call on for installation, it gives her the ability to work in a range of spaces.

Whether you have small groups, large groups or need a commission to create an artwork for your space, Christine and Regina can facilitate the discussion for different ideas for producing vibrant and contemporary installations on walls or as free standing sculptures.

Christine and Regina are registered teachers - an advantage when working in schools and with young people.

Residencies offer great satisfaction for artist and students. Together with students, the collaborative creation of art can can make a positive and exciting difference to learning and communities.

Over the past 15 years, Christine has had various residencies in primary and secondary schools, country communities, along with a three-year residency at Sacred Heart College Geelong for 2010-2012.

Jodie Carter

Head of Arts

Sacred Heart College, Geelong

2009 - 2015

"When you work as an artist-in-residence it enables an unique relationship to develop in the community or classroom where the work is being produced. It enables me to explore the needs of the culture and people within your community."        - Christine Sage

Some examples of the work undertaken by students under the guidance of Artist-in-Residence, Christine Sage

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